The world needs a better way to


resolve multi-stakeholder challenges together.


e-Deliberation™ is an online platform where anyone, anywhere,

can convene multiple stakeholders

to decide together on a common agenda for change.

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There is no silver bullet answer to complex challenges.


No-one has all the answers. But we each hold part of the solution.

How it's done



Schedule an e‑Deliberation event and invite the people who care about it. Include all stakeholders.


Discover solution pathways

Explore the possibilities - potential solution pathways emerge.


Build a common
agenda for change

Anyone can propose ideas. People can consent or object and say why, to move the team forward. Several strategy pathways advance jointly.


Finalize your strategy

Teams weave supported proposals into a strong, consented strategy inclusive of diverse stakeholder perspectives.
Conclude event and print the report of everything.

What makes e-Deliberation unique: it actually delivers a strategy

Most on-line collaboration tools allow for discussions and perhaps opinion polling. That's great for connecting. But beyond that...

What is really needed is to support groups develop substantive multilateral strategies that are respectful of where each stakeholder group is coming from, and capable of addressing the various dimensions of the challenge. This is what e‑Deliberation does.

More than any other platform … e‑Deliberation is designed to not just share information or gather ideas, but to enable decision-making among a large group of participants. To do this, e Deliberation participants move through a very specific process that was designed on the basis of academic and practitioner best practices in group decision-making, comparable to what is used in high-capacity corporate or organizational settings.

Della Rucker, Chief Instigator at Wise Economy Workshop


e‑Deliberation events help

  • Community action groups wishing to improve their neighborhood
  • International standards organizations seeking to define agreed upon norms
  • Local governments interested in engaging residents about service changes
  • Business organizations launching new products, facilities or services
  • Associations seeking membership involvement in policy decisions
  • Activists who want to self-organize to achieve a targeted impact
  • People like you, who care about their world, and recognize the need for collaborative decision making.

About e-Deliberation

We are a Victoria-based (Canada) social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality and sustainability of decision making everywhere. We enable the deep engagement of persons impacted by decisions into the decision making process itself. Contact.

What we value

Solving Wicked Problems: The old bag of problem solving tricks is obsolete because the world is much more complex, and it is in need of multi-stakeholder and superior approaches to define better, sustainable and respectful solutions.

Social enterprise: We are a social enterprise working to maximise positive social impact, not profit.

Independence and neutrality: Anyone can use e-Deliberation. We are independent of political or corporate interest. We will never sell your data.

Gift economy:e-Deliberation is supported by those who pay according to their means. This keeps the platform free of advertising and accessible to groups with no money.

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